Difoprev Daily

Difoprev Daily are specially designed socks with bioceramic properties for the care of the feet, the prevention and restoration of the foot of all people affected by diabetes.

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¿Qué es Difoprev Daily?

Difoprev® Daily socks are an important biotechnological advance for foot care, specially designed for feet that need special attention and prevention of risks related to them.

What is Difoprev Daily for?

Unique system to avoid Diabetic Foot complications.
Simple and practical like wearing a pair of socks.
Deep hydration, firm and continuous foot skin.
Based on the innovative transdermal hydration technology, Harmowear ™.
Backed by more than 20 clinical studies.

What is it of interest to people with diabetes?

The diabetic foot is one of the major complications of diabetes and manifests itself with micro-injuries, wounds and blisters that are difficult to heal, which can degenerate into ulcers and gangrene, impacting the quality of life. Prevention and early diagnosis are, therefore, key factors in the prevention of diabetic foot.

Difoprev® Daily socks, thanks to the special bioceramic particles contained in the fibers, are capable of absorbing and reflecting heat in the form of “far infrared radiation” (FIR) with the consequent thermoregulatory action of the foot.

Thermoregulation increases blood flow to the feet (without raising the body’s blood pressure), thus enhancing the regenerative properties of tissues. The bioceramics contained in the fibers also perform an important antibacterial action capable of counteracting local inflammatory processes, helping to keep the foot healthy.

The flat seams, used in these special knee-high stockings, increase wearing comfort and at the same time decrease friction on the skin of the foot, often the cause of micro-injuries that are difficult to heal in people with diabetes .

What is F.I.R. energy?

It was developed as part of the space program. It is a wavelength of light, safe and healthy for health.

The Bioceramics contained in this sock are inorganic particles that are capable of emitting far infrared energy (F.I.R.), which contributes to a greater supply of oxygen with thermoregulatory action that alleviates discomfort and accelerates skin repair.

The innovation of this product is to synthesize and apply bioceramics particles in a polyester thread of the socks.

How to use Difoprev Daily?

Daily use is recommended.

Main ingredients

95% polyester.

5% bio-ceramic consisting of Oxygen, Sodium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Silicon, Calcium, Titanium, Zirconium.


Pair of knee-highs with bio-ceramic.

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